Active since Summer 2017 in the Cybersecurity division of a major financial institution. During those two years, I have served in a variety of technology delivery and transformation roles, including:

  • Strategist
  • Enterprise and Business Architect
  • Process Analyst
  • Data Architect
  • BI Architect
  • Report and UX Designer
  • Project lead
  • Enterprise Architecture
    subject matter expert
  • BI Subject matter expert
  • Solution Architect
  • Advisor and mentor

Strategic Planning and Enterprise Architecture: Vision and Strategy Formulation

Formulated and communicated a vision and approach for employing Business and Enterprise Architecture skills, methods, tools, and outcomes to the overall planning mission and in the service of Bank of America’s Global Information Security (‘GIS’) division at large. (2018)
Communicated the benefits of—and gathered support for—this vision and approach with various top and mid-level management members. (2018)
Developed and maintained a strategic roadmap for my group’s objectives and activities, with realization tracking, prioritization, and dependency analysis. (2018 – 2019)
Played a key role in the redesign of Planning, Delivery, and Execution (the program delivery portion of Cybersecurity Technology, ‘CST’) within the context of a new mission. (2018)
Led the overall needs analysis and produced communication materials related to a new set of tools for PDE and broader GIS audiences. (2018)
Represented GIS in an Enterprise Architecture working group with the mission of proposing a set of enterprise standards for Enterprise Architecture and selecting an enterprise standard toolset. (2018 – 2019)
Articulated the intimate connections between Architecture and Intelligence and proposed systems capabilities that provide and exploit synergies between these two disciplines. (2019)
Proposed and refined a Service-oriented Architecture framework for GIS as a whole. (2019)

Enterprise Architecture and Strategic Planning: Execution and Delivery

Established an architecture platform, Sparx Enterprise Architect (and shepherded the tool through the software governance process) and TOGAF-based method that integrates modeling and architectural and technology delivery thinking into key PDE processes and broader Enterprise Architecture use cases. (2018)
Prepared this platform and its user base for production-level performance and mission support. Currently serve as application owner and governance lead. (2018 – 2019)
Established, advocated, and taught modeling methods and best practices involving UML, BPMN, and ArchiMate. (2018-2019)
Created automated routines for the upload and organization/ association/maintenance of model elements using SQL Server scripts and stored procedures, along with programmable logic within the Sparx EA environment. (2018-2019)
Established the mechanism for publishing—and published—the GIS Information Model (a full ontology for Information Security topics) for broad consumption. (2018-2019)
Produced an integration approach between my environment (Sparx EA) and IAM’s Adaptive Metadata Repository. (2019)

Business Intelligence: Vision, Strategy, and Requirements

Formulated and articulated a strategic vision for a new, integrative intelligence capability that focuses on making connections between previously unconnected elements in the GIS landscape—and using these connections to formulate new insights and make new discoveries. (2018)
Developed data approaches and recommendations that will help fulfill the promise of this BI Solution. (2018)
Developed an approach to BI user stories that begins with User requirements and traces all the way back to technology platform system requirements. (2019)
Developed and articulated methods for prioritizing requirements for delivery that investigate dependencies, reach and appeal, criticality, and cost-effectiveness. (2019)
Produced the Capability and Delivery roadmaps for the BI solution. (2019)
Produced BI solution / offering marketing materials to evangelize the benefits of the platform; materials include an online interactive experience along with video. (2019)

Business Intelligence: Capability Development and Delivery

Designed an integrated Enterprise Architecture / BI solution architecture that meets defined intelligence objectives. (2018)
Developed numerous complex analysis and reporting artifacts for various purposes within CST. (2018-2019)
Implemented a production BI environment and begun producing a large set of management dashboards and ad-hoc reporting tools. (2019)
Designed the approach for managing all epics and user stories in Jira. (2019)
Administer the Jira site (and accompanying project analytics) for the solution implementation and epic/user story administration. (2019)

Advisory, Training, and Mentoring

Often approached to teach or guide groups attempting to stand up their own service catalogs, functional designs, business architectures, or processes, due in part to my formal technology delivery and leadership background. (2018 – 2019)
Was asked to advise members of the Metrics Team on a new vision for both metrics design and delivery. (2018 – 2019)
Active and frequent general advisor to various executives on numerous topics. (2018 – 2019)
Active in skilling up / tutoring many individuals in architectural best practices and tool usage. (2018 – 2019)