Process Redesign, Data Architecture, and Analytics Improvement Initiatives, Leading Performance Marketing and Digital Sales Organization

Led effort to discover current process weaknesses, align data capture and analytics methods with emerging business imperatives, and advise on best practices with respect to auditability, traceability, accuracy, and timeliness of reporting in the Wireless, Home Services, and Small Business divisions of the firm. Approach includes AS-IS process discovery, agile requirements development, the creation of new data schemes, design of TO-BE processes in alignment with requirements, and the selection and implementation of the end-use reporting platform. Engagement spanned the domains of Business Architecture, Solution Architecture, Data Design, Process Improvement, Data Governance, and Master Data Management.

Strategy, Financial Advisory, and Economic/Financial Forecasting, Spinoff for Major Midwestern Energy Efficiency Nonprofit

Provided Strategic and Financial advisory and forecasting services to a division of an energy consortium that is spinning off its Car Rental division. Produced the business plan, board advisory documents, and full strategic financial projections in support of developing a stand-alone, post-spinoff product-market strategy, operating plan, capability roadmap, financial plan with initial capital structure, and risk management plan. Performed rigorous hub and vehicle profitability analysis, regression and other statistical analyses to identify key performance drivers and considerations, and scenario design and testing.

Innovation/Product Development Process Enhancement and Business Intelligence Design and Deployment, Major West Coast Gas Utility

Designed and executed enhancements to an existing Sharepoint-based product development and innovation platform for energy efficiency programs. Centralized disparate and disconnected process threads into a seamless capability with enhanced navigation and product lifecycle support. The updated and expanded tool takes newly imagined or discovered products from concept through evaluation and ultimately through stage-gated approval processes straight to approval of final designs by way of dashboards, intuitive navigation and entry, and role-based process guidance.

Co-founder, Strategist, Architect, and Board Member, B2C Marketing and Transactional Software Vendor

Principal business designer for newly launched firm that automates power, natural gas, and telecom service enrollments upon change of residence. Authored overall corporate strategy, designed needed operating capabilities, oversee financial direction, marshall technical resources, efforts, and results, and oversee all internal communication and coordination. Authored pitch materials that led to startup’s acceptance into two nationally known accelerators and the consummation of a strategic partnership with one of the nation’s best-known gas marketing companies.

Advisor to the Advisor, Specialized Utilities and Energy Consulting Firm

Leading the value proposition, discovery, and positioning effort to assist another consulting firm active in the Energy and Utilities space go to market. Efforts are aimed at discovery and voicing of value proposition, along with the resultant market positioning and target market identification and messaging.

Board Member and Permanent Advisor to Consulting Firm active in Nonprofit, Social Entrepreneurship, and Revenue Enhancement Innovation

Ongoing member of board of advisors to a consulting firm active in helping Nonprofits and Social Entrepreneurs thrive. Apply Fortune 500 and global consulting skills to the design of service offerings, pricing, engagement design and methodology, project management techniques and tools, and marketing approaches and materials.

Energy Efficiency Product Offering Design and Execution, Major Southeastern Utility

Currently leading an Energy Efficiency product design, marketing, and communication overhaul for the ESCO division of a major utility. Overhaul consists of newly added offering elements, business case and strategic rationale, market analysis, and new marketing materials and financial models to support first-of-its-kind differentiated offering in K-12 energy efficiency and educational support.

SharePoint-based Testing Management and Business Intelligence Portal, Utilities Software Vendor Implementing Solution at Major Northeastern Gas and Power Utility

Responsible for full design and execution of a sophisticated testing management solution that includes full-cycle issue tracking and test case management, with full-spectrum analytics dashboards.

Strategist, Architect, and Permanent Advisor, Energy Brokering Startup

Permanent strategy and operations advisor to a new firm active in the automated energy brokering space and related services. Chief duties are to lead market research and understanding, to help the founder design and apply game-changing technological innovations to solve client business problems and transform industry economics, and to design and manage internal delivery capabilities.

Requirements and Process Design, Major Northeastern Gas and Electric Utility

Led To-Be process design efforts in Salesforce-based transactional system design phase for a Demand Management / Energy Efficiency program and transactional management platform. Formulated functional requirements. Designed reports for intelligence portion of project. Designed, developed, and deployed Sharepoint-based tools and dashboards for managing the overall effort across several product lines.

Business Intelligence/Analytics Phase 0 Designs, Major Northeastern Gas and Electric Utility

Led requirements gathering and documentation, dashboard designs, and the formulation of data governance principles for the upcoming implementation. Designs included full traceability of requirements from origins to design artifacts and the Logical Data Model warehouse data design. Contributed to Solution Architecture, Peer and Vendor Analyses, and Implementation Planning. Used survey tools to canvas stakeholder groups for requirements prioritization, sequencing, and ultimately dashboard design imperatives.

Market Research and Analysis Supporting Program Design and Strategy, Major Midwestern Gas Utility

Authored and conducted a survey of thousands of multifamily utility customers to gain insights into behavioral savings potential within the Utility’s service territory. Combined the use of latest-generation online survey technology with Efficiency expertise to produce targeted, focused intelligence on market conditions, current penetration of various behavioral measures and consumer attitudes towards adoption of behavioral adjustments.

Business Intelligence Design and Forecasting Model Development, Major West Coast Gas Utility

Designed an internal gap analysis aimed at determining shortfalls in this Utility’s analytics capabilities and where upcoming effort should be focused. Concurrently devised a forecasting tool designed to produce new insights on future Efficiency portfolio savings achievements and costs.

Utilities Internal Group Sales Offering Materials (for Enterprise Asset Management) Creation and Web Design

Created a set of internal portal sites and marketing materials designed to launch new sales offerings within the Utilities sub-segment of Chemicals, Energy, and Natural Resources. Built Internal websites and was responsible for final materials appearing on those sites. Materials included Sales Brochures, Offering Narratives, Sales Fact Sheets, and Training Presentations. Produced, directed, and edited the Utilities Terminology Video. Authored the Infographic now available at

Enterprise Asset Management Performance Reporting Implementation, Major Mid-Atlantic Gas Utility

Served as project manager for the analytics module of a major work and asset management solution implementation. Led the effort to establish, validate, and develop reporting requirements related to a Work and Asset Management system, along with its related Field Force Management and GIS systems.

Financial Systems Assessment, Major Mid-Atlantic Gas Utility

Utilities Finance SME on a four-person team that assessed and provided recommendations for financial systems upgrades and technology improvements/implementations. Worked closely with client experts in ERP, tax, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Asset Accounting, Treasury, and the Office of the Controller to develop recommendations for major improvements, all within the context of a larger enterprise systems overhaul.

Energy Efficiency Business Intelligence Design, Major Northeastern Electric and Gas Utility

Designed reporting components of a business intelligence system at a major northeastern gas and electric utility. Developed analytics approach, business questions manifest, and report specifications. Created Role/User/Security schema. Assisted with Logical Data Model design. Developed overview design of data marts in preparation for Execution Phase.

Energy Efficiency Strategy, Program, and Portfolio Design Overhaul, Major Northeastern Electric and Gas Utility

Worked as part of a three-person team evaluating and overhauling an under-performing efficiency portfolio at a major northeastern gas and electric utility (in a follow-on engagement). Study extended the scenario analysis from Phase 0 with simulation and statistical analysis and incorporated market potential data, demographic and marketing data, regulatory goals, budgetary considerations, and expected capability enhancements in rationalizing, optimizing, and improving the potential for the portfolio and its constituent energy efficiency programs.

New Energy Efficiency Operational Capability Design and Program Launch, Large Midwestern Gas Utility

Supported the design and launch of a new gas energy efficiency operation. As principal quantitative analyst, performed benefit/cost economic analysis and reporting, at the portfolio, program, and measure level. Previous roles on this project include: initial investigation and interviews to assess baseline organizational and technological capability; technological road mapping; development and presentation of communications materials, including final editing and production of a core Market Potential Study for the service territory; and PMO launch and ongoing support.

Energy Efficiency Cost Improvement, Large Midwestern Gas Utility

Performed cost analysis in support of Energy Efficiency operational improvement at a Midwestern gas and electric utility with existing operations. Supported decisions on outsourcing along various functional areas through various analytical and communication methods.

Multi-Client Performance Benchmarking Study

Led quantitative design of the study. CSC performed a detailed benchmarking study of utility energy efficiency organizations to assess best-cost performance across elements of the energy efficiency value chain. The objective of this study was to provide factual, cost-based performance for utility executives to better inform strategic decisions as they grow their energy efficiency portfolios in response to changing state regulation and federal government policy and stimulus.

Energy Efficiency Tracking and Management System Evaluation, Major West-coast Electric and Gas Utility

Performed quantitative and qualitative analysis for developing the business case for replacing this existing platform with new technology. System is designed with three core missions: manage rebate applications and payments, compute energy savings for regulatory reporting, and provide a rapid design capability and quality management feedback on portfolio and measure performance. Advised client on primary focus areas for benefits realization. Briefed senior management on key aspects of the business case in preparation for approval meetings. Routed approval documents to the highest levels of management to complete the process.

New Energy Audit System Qualitative and Quantitative Business Case, Major West-coast Electric and Gas Utility

Led the quantitative analytics and qualitative discussion for a proposed Energy Audit system for residential and small to medium commercial customers. Incorporated regulator-mandated, industry standard evaluation tools to generate cost/benefit figures and incorporate those into company‐standard project cost/benefit evaluation frameworks.

CIS Implementation, Southeastern Gas Marketer

Led the financial configuration of this marketer’s implementation of Oracle CC&B (Customer Care and Billing). Provided logical conduit between finance/accounting and IT in requirements gathering and definition, testing, deployment and enhancement.

Performance Management System Implementation, Southeastern Gas Marketer

Configured the Business Intelligence platform (SAP Business Objects XI) on top of the Company’s Oracle Customer Care and Billing System and Microsoft Dynamics financial information. Built data structures, queries, reporting universes, and key management reports.

Qualitative Strategic Plan, Large Southeastern Independent Generation Company

Worked with a core team of strategic planners to develop the company’s qualitative strategic plan. This document became the cornerstone of the company’s Plan of Reorganization and included competitive assessments; scenario analysis, internal capabilities and weaknesses, risk management, and other business plan items. Personally oversaw production of the final document.

Performance Management System, Large Southeastern Independent Generation Company

Led a staff of five to develop and use new performance management techniques aimed at measuring the performance of this company’s largest fleet of generation assets. Results were incorporated in the MD&A in quarterly and annual reports and formed the foundation for company‐wide asset performance reporting.

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